…The First Post.


Ok, well, if you want the truth… This is really “The First Post, take 2″.

I wrote the first post about 20 minutes ago… and somehow killed it, genius that I am. Ask my students, I am no technological wiz… to my brother’s great shock and horror, an Excel spreadsheet totally befuddles me (Who isn’t the accountant of the family? ME!). So, I’m not totally surprised that “the internet ate” my first post… It’s completely gone. If you find it, please let me know… ’cause we all know the second draft is NEVER as good as the first…. Alas, here we go!

I’ve thought about doing a blog for a LONG TIME. However, I have a lot of “rules” in my head… and one of those rules in my head said that if you wanna write a blog, You need to have 1. a husband and 2. at least one kid. What else could you write about, complain about, brag about, tell silly things about, or post cute-sy things about without folks thinking you’re a complete narcissist, right?

Turns out, I have neither of my “blog requirements”.

Blog confession #1: There are about 8 Blogs I read daily… nightly, in fact… it’s all part of my end of day “ritual”… I at least check them to see if there’s something new to read.

…They all meet the criteria of my “rules”- husbands and kids.

I was explaining this philosophy to a good friend of mine, who quickly wrinkled his nose and said, “NO! You could totally write a blog… Those others are the WORST!” I’m not judging, I love them, in fact… But his reaction freed me enough to consider that maybe I could write me own blog… lack of “supplies” and all…

The other thing which made me decide to do this now is the fact that as of this past Wednesday, I’ve entered “12 Weeks of Quiet”… The title of the blog…. I’m supposed to be quiet(ish) for the next 12 weeks to resolve a vocal issue I’m having, and I’m not real thrilled about it. I think this whole vocal rest thing is a lot more glamorous sounding when your name is Adele, just sayin’.  I’m pretty social, I like to sing, and I’m a definite talker, so to say the least, these 12 weeks will challenge me in several ways….ANYWAY, this “recovery plan”  is giving me several more hours of free time each week, and a lot less talking time with my usual krewe, so I thought maybe now was the time to give this a whirl.

This blog is really an experiment for me. If you decide to read it, great. But, to be honest, if you think it’s totally stupid, that’s fine, too. It’s a personal experiment of sorts…. I don’t think I’m that interesting, or even that my life is… Not gonna lie, I DO think a lot of funny things happen to me, and I think “my kids” are about the most amazing and hilarious people I know (But, I am a bit biased).

I won’t post every day, and I might not even make it all 12 weeks….. I could also amaze myself and keep it going- Time will tell. For today, it’s Post 1.

Perhaps I should cue my dad into this… He’d probably dig it… But then I’d have to worry about using “choice words”… Which are likely to come up… He’s always been into my writing… I still don’t think he’s recovered from my “first book” at like 10 years old…

I had spent part of my summer vacation “writing” (yep, I was that nerdy kid..). Now, I wasn’t just writing anything, but I wrote some 40-something page “book” about Siamese twins (because that’s normal, right?). Adoring father that he is, he was quite proud.

On the way home, right before we got on another flight, I decided I didn’t like it. So, I just casually pitched it in the garbage can before hopping on the plane with my family. A little while later, on the plane, he asked, “So, where’s your book?” I was all, “Oh, in the garbage”. He was so bummed….

I can’t promise Siamese twins here (that’d be QUITE miraculous), but hey, “Dad! I’m writing!”

It’s a start. 🙂




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  1. I’m glad you decided to throw that silly blog-rule book in the garbage. Your vocal folds will thank you for the rest. This is a great idea. If you post updated posts on FB, I’ll totally check in on them 🙂
    Good luck, girl!

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