A Funny Little Thing Called Hope…


Like most people, at various times in my life I have been more or less “religious”, depending on a variety of factors. However, I will say that, without question, spirituality and “God-ness” always play a significant role in my life. While I certainly don’t go around pointing out “God moments” in my life everyday, they DO indeed happen. …Perhaps I should point them out- at least to myself- more often. To be honest, I had completely forgotten the term, “God Moments” since my 12th grade religion class with Ms. Olivard until probably this week, when a friend of mine mentioned the term in conversation…. It peaked my interest. This person didn’t even live in New Orleans… HAHA!

…And with memories of a 7-hour religious “discussion” on a high school choir tour, can I just say, this is NOT me trying to start a religious discussion- do whatever moves you, folks!

Romans 8:24-25  “For in this hope we are saved. Now hope that is seen is not hope. For who hopes for what he sees? But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience.”

I’m no theological scholar- my interpretation could be 100% wrong- but it works for me.

I read this short quote this week, and I thought, “HOW AMAZING?”  It expanded the realm of possibility for almost EVERYTHING. I read the quote, and my brain interpreted it to mean, “Well, we can hope for a specific thing, sure. That’s fine, but that’s also more like wanting for something or longing for something. BUT, the greatest things we can hope for are things we can’t even hope for in a specific way, consciously… as they are so great we can’t even conceive of them… they are outside of our present thinking. But we can just know- and hope- that great somethings are coming, all the time.” It re-defines what hope is for me- and I like it!

Confession: Actually, when I first read this, I wasn’t reading the quote with ME in mind, but a friend of mine, who I shared it with. But, within about 15 seconds of sharing it, a crazy thing happened…. I had a “God Moment”… and the quote became about me and my life, too.

The earth did not move; my life did not fundamentally change- it was a “small thing”, for sure. But the timing was without question.

I sent the quote as a text to my friend and I went back to writing case notes, still throwing the quote around in my brain, then my phone rang. The voice on the other end wasn’t surprising, but the question was. It was a small question; insignificant, really…but a question that displayed an understanding and knowing I truly believed this person didn’t have. I answered the question quickly and easily, and hung up. I looked at the quote in my phone, and at the picture on my desk of light streaming through a Masque that a friend took… and I just sat there, kinda all open-mouthed, smiley, awkward… that kinda moment when you really hope none of your co-workers walk by your desk… Hahaha!

How many things in our present lives are in existence, greater, or just different than we ever could have imagined only a few weeks or months or years ago? How many things in your life just truly SURPRISE you?

I could make a pretty long list answering those two questions (don’t worry, I won’t). My career(s)  are an easy example…  as are my plans for the morning! 🙂

In about 7 hours, I’m gonna try to run the Crescent City Classic…. I feel like it’s a New Orleans tradition I’ve really been missing out on. I’ve always talked about “one day doing it” but never really thought I could, and I never really made plans to work towards that goal.

In fact, prior to June, I had never run further than a mile in my life. While completely irrational, I believed that I was incapable of running more than a mile… Midway through the summer, I remember getting my friend Ryan to come running with me the first time “the app said I have to run 18 minutes without stopping” because I really thought I might need some “back up”.  I’ve been running 3-4 miles about 3 times a week for a while now. It’s no major feat, but it feels super-cool to me. I really have surpassed my wildest ideas about my capabilities as a jogger/ runner.

Needless to say, with that mileage, I haven’t been training for the Crescent City Classic- it’s a 10K, about 6 miles. I thought perhaps it would be a good goal for NEXT YEAR. I tend to play it safe… I was thinking I was almost ready for a 5K, and that would be my first race… ever.

Then, on Thursday evening, after some prodding, encouragement, and working my competitive side (never dare me to do ANYTHING), some friends of mine randomly convinced me I should run the Classic on Saturday morning.

….And for reasons I’m still not 100% sure of, I marched myself down to the Sheraton today and registered.  I’m running my first race in a few hours… CRAZY!

It’s not ANYTHING I would have hoped for (or even wanted to consider!) a year ago. I would have thought it sounded more like a torture plan than something I would WANT to do! Now, I’m nervous, but I’m pumped. I’m not sure where those last 2 miles will come from, or what I should wear, or if I should still have my diet coke for breakfast, and about 37 other things that are running through my brain, but I’m excited for the experience. My youngest brother was good enough to be pretty random today as well, and agreed to run with me in the morning.

Without question, whatever the morning brings is sure to be a good tale!

Regardless, I am hopeful.





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