Being Famous (just kidding)


Hey everybody…

This isn’t a “real” post… I’m cooking up one of those for tomorrow… but just wanted to share a few things from this week so far that were fun….

1. Meeting Brad Goreski.

I have a fun tradition with one of my friends where we watch stupid, mindless BRAVO! tv shows and get Thai take-out when we are done with work on Sundays… or sometimes Mondays, depending on the schedule. This really started with the “Rachel Zoe Project” show, but we both really liked her assistant, Brad, more… Well, once he got his own spin-off show, we were hooked! (Esp. me…) Anyway, he wrote a book, and he was in NOLA to sign his book at Brooks Brothers in Canal Place Shops Tuesday night… So, I went directly over after Chorale, bought a book, met him  & got to chat for a minute, and took this picture:

Our outfits kind of match, right? How cute is that? (VERY, duh!) …And please, don’t even look at my hair (bad thing to have to say when meeting a celebrity stylist, right? We had SOOOO much rain monday and Tuesday… I literally got rained on (read: SOAKED) 3x’s a day for 2 days… This was the end of the second day. See, don’t I look better now that you have all that back-story? 🙂 He was super cool, friendly, funny, and nice. Our introduction went something like this: “Hi, I’m Brad, it’s nice to meet you” Me: (realizing my hands are totally full and I cannot shake his outstretched hand) “Hi, I have way too many things in my hand! Haha!” After dumping “P-wallet” (my wallet/ purse thing), the book, my keys, my iphone on his table, I told him my name and we had an amusing little chat…. Fun way to end a Tuesday!

2. In the Press….

Then, a friend sent me a link to this website:

Where THIS tragic photo is the main photo on the story:

….That is OFFICALLY “morning Tara”… and we thought the hair was bad in the first shot! ….My running buddy of the day looks alot better than me, but hey, it IS proof that I really am doing the running thing! That was at “A Run Through History” 5k through the cemetery last weekend… I may have kind of thought it would be nicer if I had never found this picture, but let’s all admit, it’s kinda funny!

3.  The Student Paparazzi

Tonight I went to see a movie with a friend, since I’m not in weds. rehearsals… Hahaha! So, we went to see “A Cabin in the Woods”…. Sooooo NOT my type of movie. I don’t do scary well… My friend was a guy, and of course, knowing I don’t do scary well ONLY made him want to go more. So we went, it was actually pretty good, and I only shrieked or jumped in a very embarrassing way like, um, 15 times. 🙂

I’m walking out, and the kid cleaning the theater literally comes up to me (I have never taught this kid, didn’t recognize him, much less know his name) and asks if I “teach at Brother Martin” because “He sees me sometimes and gave me diet coke once” so he “just wanted to say hi”. It was funny and cute and awkward in that absolutely precious high school boy way…. My friend is NOT used to the “I am a teacher thing”, so his awkwardness was almost as funny as the students’. So we had a cute little convo, I shook his hand, and wished him a good night.

4. On being an artist

Today I drew a picture of my family, in trying to persuade a young client of mine to do the same…. Turns out, she is a future art critic. While she did not draw her family, or even talk very much in the entire hour, she was good enough to at least tell me, “Your drawing is bad. That doesn’t even look like you.” So, clearly I did not get my mom’s gifts in that regard! I will say I put on a kick-ass puppet show for her, though!

5. Jet-setting

With all my newfound celebrity, I really gotta keep up this image… So, I’m flying to Chicago this weekend. (kidding) I AM flying to Chicago, but I’m taking the NCE, the National Counseling Exam, on Saturday morning… So I’ve been studying alot (hence the slow week in blog-world).  Hopefully, I will find time for some fun and silliness and time with friends…

So, if there isn’t a Thursday post, I PROMISE a post later in the weekend after all the test drama is done! Good vibes & prayers appreciated!

Hope you’re having a great week!



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