The Blog has been re-titled!


So, I basically haven’t written a blog post since the Titanic sunk… I get it. Sorry! People keep saying, “So, what happened with that blog thing?”

Well, once vocal rest ended, I admittedly dropped off the face of the blogging earth pretty quickly. Life got busy, I returned to normal life, threw myself into summer, had grad school summer semester happening, started singing and having a social life again, and then a few other items I didn’t totally expect….

However, those of you that are facebookers & are FB friends with me know I’ve had a lot going on… to say the VERY  least!

Before I stopped blogging, I wrote a few ‘cryptic’ posts alluding to the fact that I was flirting with major change….and I would venture to say I even got pretty damn skanky in my flirtations with change (HAHAHA!)… But I still couldn’t “pull the trigger” until I got some sign– from God- the universe- life –whatever you call it….

….and then I did.

I got several, in fact, within a few days.

….Including a phone call from a nun, a talk about prayer in a gay bar, and some freaky horoscopes/ quote of the days (true story).

So, while I’m still kind of FLOORED by my own self, I made a HUGE decision that is a HUGE leap of faith (or insanity, or both) for me, and decided to move to Chicago…. basically 900 miles north of NOLA.

I had invented all sorts of rules (which you know I love doing) about what I “had to have in place” in order to move… namely, a job with benefits.

I have thrown the rules out the window.

(Yes, this means I don’t have a job yet…. but I do have a few interviews, clothes fresh back from the cleaners, and a lovely resume`… If you have connections or ideas, I’m all ears!)

I made some hard decisions, and resigned from some jobs I have loved. I’ve been wrapping things up with students and clients. I have gotten teary at least 3 times a day for the past week. I tried to pretend it wasn’t… but leaving a place with people and jobs you love, when you’ve been there 29 years… Turns out, it’s emotional, even if you’re happy & choosing change.

….And I’ve been avoiding saying goodbye to the very best friends anyone could ever ask for, and spending as much time with those folks as possible!

I had a great week at the beach with some of those folks…. and No, I won’t post pictures… but let’s just say I brought home 1 tired snuggie, which was the focus of many a late-night fashion show after several “adult beverages”…

This week, I’m completing perhaps the longest to-do post-it note list of my life and trying to fit in quality time with so many people. It’s been a most heartwarming, heart wrenching, and exhausting week… and it’s only Wednesday night.

…And on sunday, I’ll hit the road! 🙂

I’ll drive to Birmingham and see two of my dearest friends from college, where I’ll get to visit my unofficial nephew and meet my unofficial niece for the first time. I can’t wait!!

Then, on monday, I’ll drive the rest of the way to Chicago!

I am very happy to say I have some very dear friends and colleagues in Chicago, so it is good to know I won’t be completely “by myself”, even though it will be admittedly very different from my life in NOLA. The encouragement, support, networking, offers to help, hang out, pass around a resume`, show me around, or just “welcome to town!” notes from that crew has been FANTASTIC!


Also, one of my favorite friends/ co-workers here in NOLA moved to Chicago a few weeks ago, so I’ll have a friend in a very similar situation to mine!

I’ll spend my first few weeks in my friends’ vacant apartment in Lakeview (Thanks, Angela!!) while I figure out where I want to live and work on employment…and all that important stuff.

…At the end of August, once I have my own place secured, I’ll be back in NOLA for a long weekend/ few days to get my furniture and bring everything up to Chicago. For NOLA people who want some hang time, when I come back in August I’ll set a time and place somewhere for a general “hang out”… This week is NOT goodbye time! 🙂

…And I hope to have lots of visitors up in Chicago! 🙂

So, with that little summary of the last month or so,

The blog is officially re-titled:


Going north, onward, and upward (hopefully!!)!!

I’m excited about the new adventures and friendships and experiences ahead!

I hope your summer is filled with adventure, spontaneity, and just enough of the unexpected, too!

Always a NOLA Girl,



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