Always Sleep with Pants… and Other Things I’ve Learned


Hahaha! Gotcha!  …Bet you were already thinking I wasn’t gonna make it on day 2 of my “10 days of blogging” personal challenge!

Well, here I am!

I had a great day- Met a cool conductor/ choir director, enjoyed being able to sing a bit, was THRILLED I sang & sight-read well, found out we knew several people in common, and even got a potential job lead out of it with the William Ferris Chorale…. Yep, that’s a check in the “good day” category.

I have another audition tomorrow… Turns out, with a guy that the conductor from today taught/mentored… Both places are within a few blocks of me. It just feels great to finally be finding musical opportunities in Chicago and to be building my music network here.

OK… As promised, a few humorous little “things I’ve learned” over the past few weeks:

  1. Moving truck companies lie. The truck can go faster than 70mph. I got mine up to a solid 86mph. True story… no tickets, either! However, IF you choose to go 86 mph, please be aware that you will literally be able to WATCH the fuel indicator move down… You can ask my Dad to verify this… unbelievable. That Budget Rental Truck ran through gas money like it was Big Spender Rental Truck!
  2. You can sleep TOO soundly. Anyone who knows me well, knows I struggle to fall asleep, and often don’t fall asleep until sometime between 3-5am, but once I do, I’m out… and will be out until 10-11am unless I set SEVERAL alarms. Well, I have filed a maintenance request with my building (which, by the way, they have been AWESOME about doing!) and I woke up at about 9:50 on Tuesday morning… Because I heard voices that sounded strangely close to me. Turns out, THEY WERE. THEY WERE NEXT TO MY BED, in the threshold of my bedroom doorway. The two guys and I all screamed… equally freaked out/ surprised by the presence of the other… Kind of hilarious, in retrospect. In an accent, as they ran for the door, they shouted, “We sorry; we knock, we call, you no answer! We wait in hall for you!” I begin to get my bearings… thankfully remembering I am not wearing pants OR an eyeball… and pull it together enough to yell, “Ok, give me a minute! Sorry! I’m a really deep sleeper!” After a few minutes of me getting appropriate (and grabbing a diet coke), I opened the door, to more apologies… I explained it wasn’t needed, and the VERY nice guys fixed the problem and were happy to help with a few other things around my apartment.
  3. People are REALLY nice here. If you ever find yourself dragging a 79lbs. Ikea box 3 blocks down Diversey, I highly suggest you do it at 5:30pm, when people are getting off the Brown Line El and headed home from work… In fact, I may do this once a week just to meet guys… I had about a million offers of “Hey, can I carry that for you?”… It leaves me only a few possible explanations: 1. I looked just that pathetic 2. I looked just that cute 3. They just wanted to feel cool, nice, and macho 4. Some combination of all of the above listed possibilities.
  4. If your Dad says he’s “not hungry” for 3 hours straight past a normal-person mealtime, don’t believe him. He’s a big , fat, liar. …And at about 3.5 hours, he’ll be ready to chew his arm off, get strangely quiet, and once you feed him, he’ll act like you were the crazy one for not feeding him (no mention of the fact that he swore he wasn’t hungry… apparently my psychic powers failed me).
  5. Contrary to my experience in New Orleans and Grand Cayman, you can in fact NEED a sweatshirt during the day in September… I was downright COLD today when I was coming home! I mean, it’s not freezing or anything, but a HIGH of 70 degrees is a bit nippier than what I’m used to down south!
  6. Always sleep with something on that you could be seen in. (Please reference Item #2 here). My Grand-mama always told me silly things when we traveled together, like, “If the hotel catches on fire in the middle of the night, you wouldn’t want to be embarrassed if you had to run out in your bedclothes!” and “Always make sure you wear underwear that look nice and don’t have holes… Because if you get in an accident and they have to cut off your clothes or take you to the hospital, everyone will see it.” My Tuesday morning experience really brought those thoughts back to my mind… No more sleeping in only a Superman t-shirt… although, it was pretty darn super!
  7. Cable is really over-rated. When I moved in here, I chose to pay an extra $25 per month to get 100 extra channels… I really just wanted Bravo! and OWN and Discovery, but you can’t pick and choose like that. Like 50 channels and internet are included with my rent, but I decided I couldn’t live without my Bravo! shows… However, they can’t install the box for 10 days… So no TV at all for me. Turns out, TERRIBLE marketing strategy for them… I have internet, but no TV. I haven’t turned on my TV in days, and between my computer, Pandora, Spotify, and Netflix (LOVE documentaries), I honestly haven’t missed TV at all… Granted, I’m a bit out of touch with current events, as I usually watch the news when I get up in the morning… but ignorance is bliss here at 839 W. Diversey!
  8. Yes, mom… My street is REALLY called DIVERSEY. I got a hilarious e-mail from her asking, “It really is Diversity, right?” No, mom, it isn’t. It would ROCK if I lived on Diversity street, but I don’t… mostly a bunch of white people here… on Diversey Parkway.
  9. I try to pretend I don’t, but I love being a teacher. This is going to be a larger, post-of-its-own tomorrow, but I was thinking about this a lot this week, and then watched a great documentary last night (see #7) that made me cry SEVERAL times…. And I realized, yep… Guilty as charged. I do love it. I do miss it. Don’t know what that means or what I’m supposed to do about it. So, there’s your “teaser” for tomorrow.

Ok- That last one wasn’t funny… and I promised a funny post… So, that’s a good stopping point for today! See y’all tomorrow!!

What have you learned this week? Funny, serious, irrelevant, insightful, whatever!

Wishing you restful sleep without maintenance men when you arise,



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  1. -I have learned that I should wait until Jack wakes up to make coffee; he apparently likes to “help.”
    -That you should never take two kids under the age of 2 to get shots at the same time, unless you like to drink at 4 p.m., which I do and did that day.
    -And that when you hear a bump upstairs, it’s usually your toddler falling out of bed.
    -Also, to wear pants when you sleep. I learned that from you just now; it’s something I never do but always think of scenarios such as yours.

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