Always A Little Something Unexpected


Hey there!

Admittedly, tonight will NOT be one of my deep, introspective, insightful, long-winded, or uber-artsy posts…. So, if any of those are  what you were craving/ hoping for in your blog-reading tonight/today, my humble apologies.

Today was a random day.

On almost every angle, it wasn’t what I expected or had planned. (I keep thinking at some point in my life, I will learn that things ALMOST NEVER go as planned… but I am still a hold-out on that one…)

It started last night- technically this morning, I suppose. I got wrapped up in a movie that Netflix billed as a “romantic comedy”. I began watching this at about 3am…I really enjoyed it. It starred Kate Husdon, and featured Whoopi Goldberg, who I love… and had a cameo with my good friend, Blanche Debris! 🙂 It was filmed in New Orleans, and just watching it gave me that warm, home-y feeling… Seeing places I know and love and have my own fond memories of. However, I would just like to say, I do not consider a movie where the main character gets late-stage colon cancer and dies in the end (causing me to cry almost hysterically) a romantic comedy. Romantic? yes. Good? yes. Drama? maybe. Comedy? not so much. It was great, though… and as I crawled into bed, firmly in a New Orleans state of mind, it was easy to hear the el out of my window as I closed my eyes and think it was certainly a St. Charles Ave. Streetcar.

My alarm went off in the morning, as it usually does. Just a day or two ago, I commented on Facebook that I LOVE waking up to the sounds of the city- the el, the trucks, the sirens, and (for now) the workmen in my building. My building is still under construction and will be until mid-october. My unit is at the back end of the 3rd floor…. It’s nice and cool out, so I tend to sleep with the windows open. I LOVE waking up to hearing these work guys…. It really makes me think about how I’ve got to be more open-minded about careers/ vocations for people. For the past two weeks, I’ve listened to these guys- I’ve never seen them face-to-face, but I am convinced they are some of the happiest guys on earth. I love to hear them talking and joking with each other all day, singing along, having a good time… I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve heard a rude comment for foul word. They hammer and bang and work and talk and tease one another. Yep, I love this sound. They have Chicago accents that you would cast in a movie, and it reminds me each morning, “You’re not in nola anymore, little girl!”… and I kinda love it.

….Except for today, when I woke up at 8am with the most terrible headache I’ve had in years. I swear, today they maybe spoke 3 sentences, and hammered and banged on things in the loudest way possible for HOURS. It was relentless… and there was no escaping. I had pillows over my ears and face, I tried closing the windows… Nothing helped. I hated those poor men today… and it wasn’t their fault.

By some miracle (and me trying everything from migraine to sinus headache medicine), I recovered by about 4pm (yep, not a fun day). I was really looking forward to “girls night” out with a few friends… Well, by strange circumstances, a party of 4 turned into a party of 3, and then into a party of 2… Again, certainly not what we had planned, but my friend and I had a great time nonetheless… We missed our other friends, who had way less fun things that they needed to take care of, but it was a great night, and I got to know someone and to know their story in a way that probably wouldn’t have happened for a long time otherwise, and certainly wouldn’t have happened in a big, fun, group dinner. …And the food was DELISH!

I got home, and still had my “to-do list” for the day… As you all know, regardless of what happens in a day, barring a major act of God, the stuff on my to-do list WILL get done… So, I was beginning things about 12 hours late due to the headache of the century, but I got to work…. Unload stuff out of the trunk, do homework, re-organize closet (for the 3rd time since moving in), fill fridge with diet coke and sparkling water, and other non-exciting things like that….

So, I hop into a hoodie, flip-flips, and comfy pants, and head down to my car… Anyone who heard about my traumatic experience with a mouse at the end of August will find this quite amusing…. I’m walking down the street, enjoying the cool night air, how clean everywhere in this city seems to be, and the view along the picturesque side street that my car is parked on. I look down at my feet, and think, “Wow… I’m so glad I live here. This is just great- the weather is beautiful, it’s clean, and I never see a roach on the street or have to worry about one running across my feet when I’m walking out at night.” For anyone who doesn’t know, I have an absolutely pathological fear of roaches- I have my WHOLE LIFE. …This is why my brain thinks this way… Anyway, the SECOND this thought enters my mind, 2 mice run across the sidewalk, MAYBE 5 feet in front of me. I freeze for a moment, and then laugh. It’s not IN my apartment, so I don’t need to panic…. But I realize, “Not perfection, TM, just different.” Maybe not roaches, but mice here… not the same problem, not a worse problem, just a different problem.

Today was an ordinary, boring, day…. But it was still a good day. I got a few job applications off, my list still got done, I had a good convo with my dad, and had a great dinner with a friend. I felt crummy for a major chunk of the day… but at the end of the day, that really didn’t diminish much.

I had thought today I might write some long, cathartic post about my experience at my new occularist earlier this week… But nah, I didn’t want to. I didn’t wanna go there today and write some deep, emotional thing… and I think that’s ok. When you set the expectation for yourself that every blog post has to be some deep, intense thing, it can become an arduous task… But even in the most boring and ordinary of days, there is always something a little funny, or always a little something unexpected.

…And to me, those are the little things that make every day worthwhile and worth remembering.

It’s almost Friday!

Cherish the unexpected in your ordinary day- I find it keeps me in a place of gratitude.

Until tomorrow,




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